Fully Present

If you cannot spend all that time with your kids, give them quality time. That is, even if all you had was 5 minutes in a day, give them your whole attention in that 5 minutes, be fully present for them.
Being fully present is what I have been learning as a play therapist for my son, Nathan, who has autism. It has also helped me deepen my relationships with all my kids. I give my typical child, Ian, very little time, compared to my special-needs twins.  However, I’m confident in the strong relationship he wants to build with me, simply because of the quality of the time I give him.

In the photo: I was in the playroom, doing play therapy for my Nathan, when Ian, popped in and wanted to play with us. I welcomed him to the game. He was so silly and engaging that Nathan kept asking him to be a monkey.



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