What it takes to be Super Woman…or Man

Sometimes all it takes are fancy boots to feel like you’re Super Woman!

The truth is, there’s something even more simple than that, that will empower one to be Super Woman, or Super Man. That is simply to DECIDE what you want to be and do it!
My Son, Nathan (middle of photo) who has autism, and was unable to respond to his name, say anything meaningful or even look at people. After 3 years of me learning and applying play therapy, he now has spontaneous speech and really good eye-contact. He not only looks when you call him but will call people’s name when he needs something from them. He has come along way from severe autism and continues to climb a mountain. I empowered myself, got great training, and most importantly, I made the decision that I CAN DO what many experts in the field deem impossible.

It all started with a decision.

Running an online business could be challenging if you ask many who have tried and failed. That’s why I’m not asking them. I’m asking people to have done it and achieved success and I’m getting the right training for it. That reinforces my decision to get into this. I’m collecting evidence that will fuel my decision that: I CAN DO THIS, if they can.

And no, I’m not Super Woman who claims this will be an easy task. I am just a Mom who made a decision, take actions towards that decision and fuel that decision by reaching out to like-minded people.


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