Miracles are made up of baby steps

I’ve learned this over and over again, as a Mommy-Therpist of my twins with special-needs. They didn’t learn to talk overnight we we having been baby steps towards their ability to have conversations with us. And they have been making amazing strides!

I am totally new at online business. We are working out which ads work best and which ads we will eventually boost. Nevertheless our “practice” ads went out and some people have signed up to workshops that the company offers! Hurray!!!
It does not matter it takes time to see if sales will be made…but hurray!!! I’m calling for a big celebration! At the rate we spend for ads, the rate we get attendees, the rate of interest to venture the online business, I calculate that for every $1 that I will spend on advertising, I can potentially earn $1.2. Hurray! I can make a profit!!!

That could sound like a small profit to veteran online business owners or to investors, but I’m super excited about it because this baby step is simply a stepping stone to my next step and I know adding up all the steps I will take in the future will get to my “miracle”.


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