Celebrate the trying 

Above celebrating the achievement, CELEBRATE THE TRYING.  

Perfection does not come at once, our kids, our spouses and even ourselves, will try and many times, will fail. What’s important is that we keep trying until we reach success. “Celebrating the trying” will fuel our efforts and lead to success.

My Son with autism did not overcome speech impediments and begin to talk all in one day. First, I celebrated the fact that he looked at me, even for a split second.  Then, I celebrated his crazy words that didn’t mean anything.  Then I celebrated that he could tell me “cookie” if he wanted cookie, or I celebrated that he even looked at the cookie to indicate what he wanted. Then I celebrated his ability to spontaneously ask “I want blueberries”.  Then I celebrated his ability to say all of his needs like “turn off light” or “I want to sleep now.” Today I celebrate the fact that we can have a question and answer session, even if at times it seems repetitive or his answers might not be congruent. I celebrate his trying because I know his efforts today will lead to his success in one being able to hold a very meaningful conversation with me.  

In the photo are my 3 amazing kids. I talk of Nathan (middle of photo) because he is he one who needs the most help and thus, every progress his makes, big or small, are all BIG PROGRESS for me.
As for Nathan’s twin, Amor(on the left), celebrating all her good points has been helping her catch up with her peers. As for my youngest, Ian (on the right), I always celebrate and tell him that I know God must blessed me with him. God blessed me with all three kids!
Going back to my online business, I just got my first commission. Regardless of the size of the commission, that calls for a BIG CELEBRATION because I know that this rookie step leads to more learning and earnings to come!  



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