Work Hard or Work Smart

I thought I was on the road to financial success. I have always worked hard. I got into a good university, studied hard, maintained my scholarship.

My older Sister, who entered college a year before I did, graduated a year after I did. She kept needing to use her street smarts, like befriending her professors whenever she felt that she wasn’t going to pass a subject.

I got the job immediately, got pirated by another company, moved up the corporate ladder as I moved jobs.

My sister would visit me at the office to borrow money for some businesses that she was trying, or to go out with her friends.

I always did everything “right” and minimised “failures”.

My sister tried so many things. She especially wanted to be her own boss. She had a handful of business successes and many many many more failures.

I guess it’s time for me to redefine what it takes to get to financial success. In the end, I was still an employee (before deciding to be a full-time Mommy-Therapist for my special needs twins) and my Sister was running her lucrative web-development, search engine optimisation and other online businesses while outsourcing the manpower she needed and living the life of the New Rich, by Tim Ferriss’ definition.

She was a risk-taker. I was not…yet.

She was a dreamer and created a path towards her dream, I was not…yet.

She was very creative and always one step ahead of the market, I was not…yet.

She was a problem solver, I was not…yet.

Though during college and first few years of work, I could have been mistaken for being the big, “responsible” sister, I’m glad that today, I have her to look up to and be my role model as I now venture into running my online business…finally! I too can be a risk-taker, I can certainly be a big dreamer and make things work that direction, I can be creative and trust me, if you are a parent, you are always a problem-solver!

In the photo: My sister and me. Every year she drives me to the Autism Treatment Center of America, a place for miracles. There, I get the parent-empowerment trainings I need. My journey with my twins have taught me to DREAM BIG and walk with them, blazing that path to their success. I know they will make it in life…and when it comes to financial success, I will too!


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