Me First!

One of the best things you can do as a parent is give yourself the me-time you deserve!

I spend the first hour in the morning, reflecting, praying my prayers, planing my day and/or blogging. It’s amazing how somethings so simple can be so powerful.As a result to my me-time, my thoughts are more organised, I see the path ahead more clearly, my tasks for the day are prioritised accordingly, I have more energy, I face the day with confidence and conviction that all will be well.

I used to simply jump out of bed, do the “urgent” things. Then the next “urgent” things. Then another “urgent” task would pop-up. Then I would procrastinate that there is too much things to do and too little time. Then I would take a TV or Facebook break. Then procrastinate again because a whole hour has past and I still haven’t done the urgent stuff…you get the picture.

In the photo: me and what I always look for in the morning, me, my book and my cup of coffee!



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