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In this Information Age, the booming economy is online where everyone is buying and selling products, services, education and information.  If you find the right online products and the right online market place, your business is made!

“That’s theoretically all good, but where to I start?” you ask.

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Stretch your limits

This is how my twins with special-needs keep gaining greater potentials. This too is how I keep stretching my own limits.

When we want our twins to acquire a new skills, we never target a skill set that is too difficult. They will simply not try it. That is like asking them to stand beyond the edge of a cliff, where they know they will fall.

We also never target a skill that is too easy. That is like asking them to stay a good safe distance away from the edge. At this place, however, there is no brain development. If we keep doing what we have been doing in the past, nothing changes.

So we target skills that are exactly at the edge. Just like where the man is in the photo. The target skills we choose are not extremely hard that they won’t even try. They are neither extremely easy that there is no development. Just perfectly on the edge. These targets are skills that my twins are willing to try with confidence, and yet challenging enough for new brain neurons to connect, develop and grow.

Of course once that edge is conquered, a new edge is establish and my twins just them reaching for higher goals.

As for me, as a busy Mompreneur, all I ask myself is to simply do ONE THING differently. That makes new tasks manageable. In time new tasks are conquered and becomes easy. Then I can move on and try another ONE THING different.

Sometimes that ONE THING, is attending a seminar, sometimes it’s researching on autism interventions. This week, I’ll be sitting-in a toastmasters club.

What will you be doing on the edge?

The day after the training syndrome 

With my plate full, managing an online business, running a household and twins with special-needs, trainings are the best way to go, and a short cut to success. But do you ever feel excited about trainings, however the day after comes and stress emerges from thinking “I learned so much, how am I going to implement everything successfully?” I call that the-day-after-training-syndrome.
Whether it’s a management training, online business training or parenting/autism training, I get that day-after-training-syndrome.  

But I’ve finally figured out how to deal with it and it’s as simple as investing in more time to absorb and digest all the learning in order to plan the implementation stage.

We just had a recent intensive autism training and I used that easy step to figure out the easy road forward. Enjoy my story below.


Never Stop Dreaming

A few years ago, I discovered a different type of autism intervention, the Son-Rise Program®. One of its most powerful tools is to allow parents to DREAM that anything is possible for our children with autism.
I remember telling my sister, that I knew it was going to be a great journey and it reminded me of her journey. Among my siblings, my sister was the dreamer and she walked towards her dream and became a very successful entrepreneur at very young age. I knew it was her dreams that got her so far.

As for my son with autism, holding on to my dreams, and walking that direction, has encouraged him to speak spontaneously, to be persistent, to look at people straight into their eyes, to show his amazing sense of humour…and so much more. All of these couldn’t have been possible if I didn’t DARE TO DREAM that he was going to go beyond being non-verbal and totally withdrawn from social interactions.

DREAM BIG! And each day take a step towards that direction. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

I’m dreaming and building my Online Business, knowing that it will not only give me financial freedom but also be a foundation by which my children, especially my special-needs twins, can build their businesses.


Is it possible to give your 100% to all your children?


When my mother-in-law passed away, all her children spoke at the eulogy. When My husband spoke, he said that he was the middle child, thus, he was the favorite. He went on to prove his point by enumerating endearing moments with his mother. After his speech, his 4 siblings changed all their speeches. Each child asserted that it was him/her who was the favourite and gave several reasons to prove his/her statement.

It was a heart-warming eulogy. I realized that Mama couldn’t have divided her time and physical abilities equally between her 5 children, not to mention her husband and herself, yet she managed to give everyone 100% of her love.

Yes, it’s possible to give 100% of you. Taking from her example, I do my best and give my children Quality time, if I cannot give them Quantity time.  

Quality time is me being fully present, one-on-one with my child, engaging in an activity that they choose.  

In the photo is my Super Mother-in-law and her 5 loving children. My Husband is the boy in blue making a silly face 😆

Trial and Learning

They should call it “Trial and LEARNING” not “Trial and Error”.  With my 3 kids (2 of whom have special needs), I always celebrate the trying, whether or not the reach their targets. I celebrate because I know that grit is what will drive them to success.

The same is true for myself. As a newbie in online marketing, I have tried out my ads. Some ads are good, some need more work. But I know this process of “trial and learning” will soon get me to a winner ad. I may have “lost” money with some ads, but I gained much information on the things I should keep doing and stop doing.

In the photo: Me and my 3 kids, whom I know will be successful in life because they are good at trying and learning.


Motivation is key

Now my 7-year-old Ian, is writing poetry.  
“Apples are red not blue

Or not either the colour of poo.”
Amazing how poo, fart and pee is such a big motivation and gets kids to read and write a lot! When Ian was about 5 and rejecting his reading assignments, I got him to enjoy reading by looking for words like “we-we” then building it up to “dad we-we” or “I we-we” 😜. From that motivation. He picked-up his reading assignments again and today he does his homework alone and is even on his way to becoming famous author and illustration one day 😉