Is it possible to give your 100% to all your children?


When my mother-in-law passed away, all her children spoke at the eulogy. When My husband spoke, he said that he was the middle child, thus, he was the favorite. He went on to prove his point by enumerating endearing moments with his mother. After his speech, his 4 siblings changed all their speeches. Each child asserted that it was him/her who was the favourite and gave several reasons to prove his/her statement.

It was a heart-warming eulogy. I realized that Mama couldn’t have divided her time and physical abilities equally between her 5 children, not to mention her husband and herself, yet she managed to give everyone 100% of her love.

Yes, it’s possible to give 100% of you. Taking from her example, I do my best and give my children Quality time, if I cannot give them Quantity time.  

Quality time is me being fully present, one-on-one with my child, engaging in an activity that they choose.  

In the photo is my Super Mother-in-law and her 5 loving children. My Husband is the boy in blue making a silly face 😆


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