Never Stop Dreaming

A few years ago, I discovered a different type of autism intervention, the Son-Rise Program®. One of its most powerful tools is to allow parents to DREAM that anything is possible for our children with autism.
I remember telling my sister, that I knew it was going to be a great journey and it reminded me of her journey. Among my siblings, my sister was the dreamer and she walked towards her dream and became a very successful entrepreneur at very young age. I knew it was her dreams that got her so far.

As for my son with autism, holding on to my dreams, and walking that direction, has encouraged him to speak spontaneously, to be persistent, to look at people straight into their eyes, to show his amazing sense of humour…and so much more. All of these couldn’t have been possible if I didn’t DARE TO DREAM that he was going to go beyond being non-verbal and totally withdrawn from social interactions.

DREAM BIG! And each day take a step towards that direction. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

I’m dreaming and building my Online Business, knowing that it will not only give me financial freedom but also be a foundation by which my children, especially my special-needs twins, can build their businesses.



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