Stretch your limits

This is how my twins with special-needs keep gaining greater potentials. This too is how I keep stretching my own limits.

When we want our twins to acquire a new skills, we never target a skill set that is too difficult. They will simply not try it. That is like asking them to stand beyond the edge of a cliff, where they know they will fall.

We also never target a skill that is too easy. That is like asking them to stay a good safe distance away from the edge. At this place, however, there is no brain development. If we keep doing what we have been doing in the past, nothing changes.

So we target skills that are exactly at the edge. Just like where the man is in the photo. The target skills we choose are not extremely hard that they won’t even try. They are neither extremely easy that there is no development. Just perfectly on the edge. These targets are skills that my twins are willing to try with confidence, and yet challenging enough for new brain neurons to connect, develop and grow.

Of course once that edge is conquered, a new edge is establish and my twins just them reaching for higher goals.

As for me, as a busy Mompreneur, all I ask myself is to simply do ONE THING differently. That makes new tasks manageable. In time new tasks are conquered and becomes easy. Then I can move on and try another ONE THING different.

Sometimes that ONE THING, is attending a seminar, sometimes it’s researching on autism interventions. This week, I’ll be sitting-in a toastmasters club.

What will you be doing on the edge?


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