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I didn’t just jump into any online business. I chose the business that would give me substantial income without taking away precious time I need for my kids. This online business is so good, I’m willing to bet $500 that you will succeed in this business.

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Monetise our kid’s talents

When we started our Online Business, I knew this would be a great platform to showcase our kid’s talents and even monetise it.
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Ian is a budding writer and author, with the most amazing imagination. He has already written dozens of comics. 

We went to the MOBE (My Online Business Education) to film our Online Business. Ian did his own sales video for his comics. Watch out for the final cut!

Ian did such a great job, he immediately a made his first sale for the day! Tasha, the studio director, was super excited to get her own copy of an Ian Perez original comic book! 😉 

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