Even before I got married, I decided I would hold off my career until my kids were about 5 years old, because I wanted to be a hands-on Mom.  However, I was blessed with twins with special needs and a 3rd typical child. It has been important for me to be Mom and the primary Therapist, especially for my son, Nathan, who is overcoming a more severe case of Autism.

My twins are now 9 and my youngest is 7. My career has been derailed further. It does not make sense to get a job and give my salary to therapist/s for my twins. (Disclaimer: I love kids and games. It’s my strength. Other moms are good at their jobs and would rather pay trained Therapists, that’s perfectly fine too. Go with your strength!)

I have always thought that there should a way to earn a significant compensation without taking that much time away from my kids. However, I never really tried to look for that option…until my husband “dragged” me to a Live Event.   Then all of sudden, everything seemed possible!  I could do it all and be it all for my kids!

In the photo L-R: Amor (9 years old), Ian (7 years old) and Nathan (9 years old).

I started motherhood with a journey with autism on a road to recovery:




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