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What is the one thing that everyone has, no one can take away from you, it is so powerful that it can change your life?

 I’m so blessed learning this “power” first from Barry Neil Kaufman, the first Son-Rise dad who helped his son with severe autism recover. And then from so many more sources like from Napoleon Hills “THINK and grow rich”

It is the power of our BELIEF

When I arrived home last night my son, Nathan, who has autism, was crying and hitting his head with his hand. I DECIDED I want to go with the BELIEF that I could settle him sooner than later. Now, typically tantruming of child who has autism, can feel like an endless moment and drain all the patience and energy of a parent. Well, that was me a couple of years ago, before I learned the power of belief.

I chose my belief, then verbalised my thoughts by calmly repeating “I love you” to my son. He shouted, I told him I loved him. He cried, I reintegrated my belief. He bit his arm, I gave him reassurance of my love for him again. His wining stopped, I stayed with him still telling him I loved him. He smiled, I prayed my thanksgiving prayer. He laughed, I celebrated my joy with him. He asked me to play, I joined momentarily then invited him to bed. He smiled, I reiterated that I loved him. He hugged me, I hugged back knowing how truly blessed I am. Then he turned over indicating he was sleepy. “Good night Nathan, I love” was my response to his non-verbal gesture and left him for the night.

Understanding my belief has changed my life as a parent of twins with special needs. Now that I know the secret, I can apply this winning formula to everything in life, including venturing into an Online Business.

Even if statistics says that 97% of people who venture into online marketing fail, I believe and I know that I will succeed. I know I have the craving and willingness to learn. I know that by helping myself, I can soon help others. I know I can make small commitments every day, which will add up to big results in the future.

This is what Oprah Winfrey used when her aunt told her to learn to wash the laundry because that was most likely the job she was going to end up doing.

This is what the Wright brothers used to power their dream and got man to fly when the whole world was telling them that they were crazy.

This is what Nancy Rudolf used to earn her title “fastest woman in the world in world” in the 1960s, despite the doctors telling her that she would never be able to walk because of her polio.

It’s free, everyone has it, no one can take away from you and it truly is so powerful that it can change your life! 

In the photo is my Nathan, who has blessed me with the strength to powerfully change my life.


What a home business can do to your marriage 

We have had our share of rough patches in our marriage. I was so busy raising the kids, providing therapy for my special-needs twins, researching on dietary and biomedical interventions heal the twins. Until my son with autism was 8 years old, I had to stay with him through the night because of his sleeping/agitation problems. In those days Hubby was coming home late from work. Relocation to a new country meant he needed more time to adjust to his new roles and longer commute time.

At the end of the day, hubby and I were just too tired and too busy to reconnect with each other. There must have been a year or two when I felt our marriage was stagnant. Even worse money issues started to pop-up as I wanted to spend more money on promising alternative autism interventions. Hubby was focused on saving, he feared we needed so much more to save, especially for our son with severe autism. Since our agendas did not meet, we kept on accusing each other of not doing the right things. It was ironic because we both had the same objective, to give our kids what they needed, yet the implementation of our goals seemed so different, even opposing.

Though there has been rough patches, in the end, the journey with my twins with special-needs has been a blessing and instrumental is keeping us working on our marriage and reevaluating priorities in life.

Moving on to the next chapter of our lives and the opportunity to build our own online business…I have to say, getting into this, has actually enhanced our marriage. Since he has invested in our business and I run most of the show, we always need “business meetings” to keep each other updated and align our business targets daily and weekly.

Those “business meetings” actually feel better than dates, that we haven’t had much opportunities to have. As newbies in the online business, we get excited all the little things: the ability to shift from being “employee” to “investor” and having a big control over the returns of our investment; creating our brand and our advertisements; learning the ins and outs of online marketing; seeing ad clicks and conversations; being ambitious about what the future holds for us, etc.

I’m relishing my blessings!

In the photo is our favourite business meeting spot, complete with popsicles from the mini-mart.

Miracles are made up of baby steps

I’ve learned this over and over again, as a Mommy-Therpist of my twins with special-needs. They didn’t learn to talk overnight we we having been baby steps towards their ability to have conversations with us. And they have been making amazing strides!

I am totally new at online business. We are working out which ads work best and which ads we will eventually boost. Nevertheless our “practice” ads went out and some people have signed up to workshops that the company offers! Hurray!!!
It does not matter it takes time to see if sales will be made…but hurray!!! I’m calling for a big celebration! At the rate we spend for ads, the rate we get attendees, the rate of interest to venture the online business, I calculate that for every $1 that I will spend on advertising, I can potentially earn $1.2. Hurray! I can make a profit!!!

That could sound like a small profit to veteran online business owners or to investors, but I’m super excited about it because this baby step is simply a stepping stone to my next step and I know adding up all the steps I will take in the future will get to my “miracle”.