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Trial and Learning

They should call it “Trial and LEARNING” not “Trial and Error”.  With my 3 kids (2 of whom have special needs), I always celebrate the trying, whether or not the reach their targets. I celebrate because I know that grit is what will drive them to success.

The same is true for myself. As a newbie in online marketing, I have tried out my ads. Some ads are good, some need more work. But I know this process of “trial and learning” will soon get me to a winner ad. I may have “lost” money with some ads, but I gained much information on the things I should keep doing and stop doing.

In the photo: Me and my 3 kids, whom I know will be successful in life because they are good at trying and learning.



Sharing His Success

Must be the coolest “kid” around…our smiles says it all. 
At age 21, this kid knew that online business was the way to go. He dropped everything the had to fly half way around the world to get the best coaching from Matt Lloyd.  
When he made that drastic decision and flew to Matt’s office in Malaysia, he only had $100 left in his bank. Today he’s now a very successful entrepreneur…and he’s only 21!  

Just as important as his personal success, he chose to be at live events because he wanted to inspire newbie entrepreneurs and fast track their success. He certainly achieved that at this event. I loved his coaching, but best of all, I loved how Steven Bransfield really took the TIME and CARE to address all of our technical questions.

Want to know more about running a successful business? Matt Lloyd, the guru, is giving ways his secrets with his free book 


Live events are always the best places to be

I’m at the Super Charge with the Power Team! The best of the best coaches are here and I’m learning everything I need to know to fast track my online home business!
Like every training I have attended, wether for management training, autism/parenting, and now online business training, I always go home with 10 fold more knowledge and equipped to do so much more! Never miss out on live events!


Mompreneur Shortcuts

As a Mommy-Therapist, learning to get my Online Business up to speed, I have to learn fast.  

Here’s one way of working double time. Listen to resources while doing other tasks like working in the kitchen or jogging. Audiobook is very helpful with that task.

In the photo: I just got back from a walk, instead of listening to music, I was listening to T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth”


Work Hard or Work Smart

I thought I was on the road to financial success. I have always worked hard. I got into a good university, studied hard, maintained my scholarship.

My older Sister, who entered college a year before I did, graduated a year after I did. She kept needing to use her street smarts, like befriending her professors whenever she felt that she wasn’t going to pass a subject.

I got the job immediately, got pirated by another company, moved up the corporate ladder as I moved jobs.

My sister would visit me at the office to borrow money for some businesses that she was trying, or to go out with her friends.

I always did everything “right” and minimised “failures”.

My sister tried so many things. She especially wanted to be her own boss. She had a handful of business successes and many many many more failures.

I guess it’s time for me to redefine what it takes to get to financial success. In the end, I was still an employee (before deciding to be a full-time Mommy-Therapist for my special needs twins) and my Sister was running her lucrative web-development, search engine optimisation and other online businesses while outsourcing the manpower she needed and living the life of the New Rich, by Tim Ferriss’ definition.

She was a risk-taker. I was not…yet.

She was a dreamer and created a path towards her dream, I was not…yet.

She was very creative and always one step ahead of the market, I was not…yet.

She was a problem solver, I was not…yet.

Though during college and first few years of work, I could have been mistaken for being the big, “responsible” sister, I’m glad that today, I have her to look up to and be my role model as I now venture into running my online business…finally! I too can be a risk-taker, I can certainly be a big dreamer and make things work that direction, I can be creative and trust me, if you are a parent, you are always a problem-solver!

In the photo: My sister and me. Every year she drives me to the Autism Treatment Center of America, a place for miracles. There, I get the parent-empowerment trainings I need. My journey with my twins have taught me to DREAM BIG and walk with them, blazing that path to their success. I know they will make it in life…and when it comes to financial success, I will too!